Want to have a lush lawn and cut down on watering costs?


Tired of moving sprinklers around in the heat of the summer trying to maintain your grass?  With irrigation you can water the spots that need it or your whole lawn. You can do it over night or early in the morning when it wont get in the way of you and your family enjoying your yard.  Irrigation is the perfect way to keep your lawn lush and happy in those hot winter months! Not only will your lawn be happier, but you will like the savings. By watering in off peak times and reducing the waste that you see with store bought sprinklers you’ll quickly find that you are using less water and your lawn is looking better than ever.


Love your garden but don’t have the time to water it? We can help!  Whether it’s misters or drip lines or both we can help ensure everything from your annuals to your vegetables get the water they need to flourish!


Energized Surroundings is passionate about lawn care. We offer yearly start up and shut down services for  your system and can monitor it all remotely throughout the season to make sure your system is always running at it’s peak. Let us help you take the worry out of your watering! Contact us today to discuss your new worry-free irrigation system!

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