Lawn Sprinklers

Want to have a lush lawn and cut down on watering costs?

Lawn sprinklers are an effective and efficient way to keep your lawn looking its best all while helping to keep your water consumption down.

Not only will you eliminate the hassle of hand watering, sprinklers will allow you to save water by incorporating watering schedules and eliminating overwatering. The zones can be dialled in to water each area of your lawn due to its specific needs and with a wi-fi controller system you can monitor it from anywhere, anytime. Sprinklers allow you to save money by running in off peak times and reducing the waste that you see with store bought sprinklers. You’ll quickly find that you are using less water and your lawn is looking better than ever.

ES is passionate about lawn care and will ensure that your landscape will be sustainable in the future. We offer yearly start up and shut down services for your system. Contact us today to discuss your new worry-free lawn sprinkler system!


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